AQL Advantage

North American Footprint
Automotive Quality & Logistics Inc. has the largest footprint in USA, amongst the quality assurance companies. We are serving customers in 17 US States, and 1 Canadian Province.

AQL has over 1200 Trained Inspectors with over 3.5 million hours of collective sorting and containment experience. We have inspected over 27 Million Parts.

Rapid Response
AQL is on call and available to protect customer's quality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Our lightening fast reaction times and the agility to act swiftly keeps us ahead of our competition.

Containment Experience
AQL teams have conducted over 350 CSII, 3PVA or PQC activities for our OEM customers. AQL / subsidiaries were among the first 5 companies to be placed on formal CS-II approved list of GM. AQL/subsidiary was also the first company to be awarded a contract as a single source provider for containment services and to manage Incoming Quality department concurrently at various OEM assembly plants.

One-Stop Shop
AQL's skill sets ensures that we're vertically integrated into multiple aspects of the product launch and manufacturing process. AQL not only provides well trained inspectors for Sorting, Inspection and containment activities but can Rework product, provide Warehousing and Logistical support as well. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers support new product launches and manage supplier quality functions. We also provide Technical Representation, Customer Liaisons, Root-Cause Analysis, Data Analytics and Problem Solving services to our valuable customers.

Online Data Reporting System & Database
AQL provides On-Line Data Reporting on our website for our customers. We have uninterrupted and seamless flow of information 'to' and 'from' Customers.

Process Oriented
Process orientated organization with experience in Lean-Six Sigma methodologies. Our team focuses on Continuous Improvement of our Sorting and inspection processes in order to achieve maximum process efficiency.

Flexible and Diverse
AQL is extremely flexible to expand 'scale of operations' on a short notice. In one case, AQL resources expanded from 4 operators to over 480 operators within 5 days to support our customer. We are very diverse in our industry skills with customers ranging from Automotive OEM's, Tier 1's, Tier 2's, Diversified industrial companies, Consumer good companies, and other manufacturing companies. AQL also prides itself in the broad spectrum of product expertise namely:

  • Engine & Motor parts

  • Interior Trim

  • Exterior Trim

  • Seats

  • Electrical

  • Plastics

  • Metal Stampings

  • : Gears, Shafts, Rods
  • : Seats, Dash Boards, Mirrors
  • : Door Panels, Body parts, Body moldings
  • : Leather, Vinyl, & Fabric Upholstery
  • : Wire Harnesses, Instrument Panels
  • : Side and Body Moldings, Seals, Rings
  • : Seat pans, Body panels, Torsion Bars

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