• "I wanted to personally thank you for resolving the labor shortage issue that we recently experienced. In light of our production and staffing challenges, your rapid response to the supplier's manpower needs was outstanding and has redefined Customer Satisfaction. This experience is reminiscent (and identical to) of your company's response to the wiring harness opportunity we had last summer. Again, thank you for your outstanding support!"
- Corporate team at OEM customer


  • "As you are well aware, the past year has been a most challenging one for all of us. Along with the significant changes to the product, came quality targets never before reached by our plant. I am pleased to inform you that after much hard work, those targets have been achieved. It is my firm conviction they would not have been accomplished without the support of AQL."
- OEM Customer


  • "What started out as a third party sort program quickly grew into the support of reworks, campaigns and re-flashes. No matter the task requested of AQL, it was always performed at the highest levels; both in terms of quality and throughput. There was never a job too big. I would also like to recognize your ability to meet our constantly fluctuating demands for resources on short notice. It was not uncommon for me to call you on a Friday evening requesting crew of 15 for Saturday morning. Not once did you fail to come through."
- OEM Customer Plant


  • "I'd like to recognize the people working for AQL. In the final analysis, the success of any team lies in the hands of the individuals focused on a common goal. Your team has always been very professional, courteous and passionate about doing a great job."
- OEM Customer


  • "There is no doubt this past year has been one of the most challenging years our facility has ever faced. As you would expect, we all made it through, and are currently producing the best built vehicle ever. It is undeniable that AQL has been, and continues to be, a huge part of our success. Quality is a team sport and we are proud to have AQL on our team."
- OEM Customer


  • "Thank you for participating in our program and becoming part of our company's continuous quality improvement process."
- OEM Customer's Corporate Headquarters


  • "Our facility was going through a very rapid growth cycle and we were having difficult time hiring and training new employees quickly enough to meet our customer needs. Their (AQL) team was very professional and they were always able to meet all of our staffing requirements."
- Tier 1 Automotive Company


  • "Thank you for your service and support in containing the quality issues we had last few months. This is in stark contrast to our plant's struggles initially with the previous sorting company when I had to be on uncomfortable phone calls with customers. I'm glad and relieved that AQL has turned this process an entire 180 degrees to a point now that our OEM customer is satisfied and my phone is not ringing constantly."
- Tier 1 Automotive Company

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