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  • September 2013
  • AQL provides Launch Engineering team to a major Tier-1 customer for its upcoming new platform launch. AQL’s Supplier Quality Engineers are reviewing supplier base for launch readiness and working on supplier development programs to improve quality and delivery performance.


  • August 2013
  • AQL is in Georgia now. AQL opened up a field operation office to service customers in Atlanta and neighboring cities. We have a 10,000 Sq. Feet warehousing space for in-house sorts. With a team of 40-50 trained quality inspectors and auditors, AQL has further strengthened its position in the region. With expansion into Georgia, AQL is present in 16 US States.


  • July 2013
  • AQL launches Sorting and Inspection operations in North Carolina. With this new operational location AQL has strengthened its footprint in the South Eastern US region.

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