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Automotive Quality & Logistics, Inc

First choice for Sorting, Inspection, Staffing and Warehousing services

Welcome to your preferred & experienced provider of 3rd party sorting, containment, warehousing and contract staffing. AQL has over 1200 full-time trained inspectors with 36 locations spread across 12 U.S. states, all ready to provide rapid emergency response. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the quality assurance field.

"By providing the skilled and trained people, AQL has become an integral part of the supply chain in every aspect of automotive production."
– Quality Manager, Ford Motor Co

Sorting & Containment

24 x 7 management availability

Strong training and sorting processes

Actionable data and communication

Ability to maintain manpower

Staffing & Manpower

Only take 1 customer in 30 mile radius to eliminate conflict of interest

Competitive rates

300+ staff at 5 locations

Warehousing & Kitting

Rapid placement of labor and maintenance of turnover

Reduce backlog and create safety stock quickly


AQL Successes

AQL successfully launched four major accounts in multiple US states simultaneously within the same week. AQL launch teams were present in all four locations to ensure smooth ramp-up, while reporting back to AQL headquarters.


Product Launch & Containment

Specializing in plant product launch programs, containment & quality engineering services.

Managing OEM Incoming Quality

Specializing in managing incoming quality control at OEM locations.

Product Quality Confirmation at Ford

Authorized to provide Part Quality Confimation (PQC) for Ford Motor Company.

CS1 & CS2 at General Motors

Authorized to provide Controlled Shipping (CS1 & CS2) for General Motors.

Emergency Response and Travel Teams

Strong workforce & traveling teams available for emergency response situations.

News and Celebrations

Beloved AQL Manager Hans Fuhrimann joined Lisa Howen in the holy matrimony. The celebration was on September 26, 2020 at family home in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

Our Customers

AQL has served over 400 customers. Few of our esteemed customers are listed below:

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ISO Certified

Our ISO 9001:2015 registration demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest level of quality assurance services for your company.

WBE and Minority Owned

Automotive Quality & Logistics Inc. is a woman and minority owned business managed by a strong team resulting in high customer satisfaction producing a consistent growth in our overall business.


"As you are well aware, the past year has been a most challenging one for all of us. Along with the significant changes to the product, came quality targets never before reached by our plant. I am pleased to inform you that after much hard work, those targets have been achieved. It is my firm conviction they would not have been accomplished without the support of AQL."
- OEM Customer

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