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  • Over 350 CS-II, PQC and 3 PVA conducted for our customers.

  • AQL successfully launched four major accounts in multiple US states simultaneously within the same week. AQL launch teams were present in all four locations to ensure smooth ramp-up, while reporting back to AQL headquarters.

  • AQL successfully expanded scale of operations by increasing resources from 4 people to 480 people to run a troubled Tier-1 supplier. This extreme step was taken to ensure that our OEM customer plant ran without any supply interruptions from the supplier. AQL ran this supplier’s operations for 90 days till an alternate Tier-1 supplier was identified by the OEM and was allowed to ramp up volume. Our OEM customer was relieved that we did not let their plant shut down and were very appreciative of our quick response and flexibility.
  • AQL helped one of our Tier-1 customers get out of OEM mandated CS-II containment after being under CS-II for 15 months. AQL helped our Tier-1 customer identify that the origin of failure lay in a downstream process. This saved our customer hundreds of thousands of dollars, and earned us respect, trust and appreciation from our customer.

  • AQL partnered with one of our OEM customer’s to reduce their PPM levels to historic lows so as to beat their divisional targets for the first time in 31 years. AQL had supported this customer through root cause analysis on internal issues, supplier development programs on chronic problems, and numerous yard sweeps in extreme weather conditions to ensure quality product leaving their facility.

  • AQL recently partnered with a major Tier-1 company for a new supplier development program aimed to ensure smooth program launches. AQL provided contract Supplier Quality Engineers to multiple customer locations and served as fresh eyes in supplier evaluations. Our AQL engineers visited each of our customer’s supplier sites, audited/evaluated their processes, and provided. AQL also worked with the chronic problem suppliers on process improvement projects to help improve their process and the product going to our customer. AQL completed this project in 4 months after conducting thousands of evaluations and helping our customer launch two major programs in the meantime.